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As Environmental Lobby Day takes place in Des Moines you can let your elected officials know a healthy environment matters to you from wherever you are with this alert.


In a recent poll, 97% of Iowans agreed that “we need to ensure our children and grandchildren can enjoy Iowa’s land, water, wildlife and natural beauty the same way we do.”

Today at the state capitol, Iowans are gathering to speak out in support of the public policies and funding necessary to achieve that goal. More than 30 organizations are represented as are individual Iowans from around the state.

By standing together today, Iowans are making a powerful statement about the value of clean water and a healthy environment for all of us. And we need your help. Please contact your elected officials from wherever you are today to let them know that a healthy natural environment matters to you, too.

Iowa has so many opportunities to make progress. One of the most exciting right now is legislation to provide sales tax revenue for the constitutionally protected Natural Resource and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund 63% of Iowans voted to create in 2010. If funded, it could provide over $120 million each year for conservation action in our state.

At the same time, environmental programs in Iowa should be effective. We need to enforce existing laws and give state agencies the resources necessary to do their jobs. We also need to make sure Iowa’s efforts to achieve cleaner water include real goals and accountability.

Today, it’s especially important to include your personal message to your Senator and Representative. Let them know why you are passionate about Iowa’s environment, and tell them what you hope we can achieve by working together!

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Let’s work together for clean water and a healthy environment

Dear Representative,

As an Iowan and a voter, clean water and a healthy environment are issues I care about deeply. As a member of the legislature, you have many opportunities right now to help Iowans pass a healthy and beautiful state on to our kids and grandkids.

I hope you’ll support sustainable funding of conservation and a healthy environment, for example by providing sales tax revenue to finance the Natural Resource and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund 63% of Iowa voters created in 2010. It’s also time to fully fund the Resource Enhancement and Protection Program at $20 million and support other lake and river restoration projects that enhance Iowans’ enjoyment of the outdoors.

Supporting a healthy environment also means doing what is necessary to responsibly enforce current laws and providing state agencies the resources they need to fulfill their missions. Iowa’s Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship and Department of Natural Resources both require adequate staff and support to complete their important work.

Programs that support a healthy environment make Iowa a better place to live, work, and raise a family. I hope you’ll join with other lawmakers to make a healthy environment your priority this year.

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